Friday, October 10, 2008

happy raya everyone

This year i'm celebrating my raya with my family in my dad's home in batu pahat. All my cousin's were going to take examination after break. I hope they'll gain a flying colours results.
As for me i will be taking my final next month and hoping to get the best results. Our family themes for this year is purple and for me i wearing baju kurung pahang this year. really love the baju kurung. this picture were taken while me and my lovely cousin were gathered. she was so cute and like to talk. she kind of cute while she's talking because she got her slang which is terengganu's slang. her mother was terengganu's and married with my uncle. this day was her day because she always talk and because of her cuteness me and my sister taking more picture with her. she is cute.

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