Thursday, March 26, 2009

tagged! dayah-chan and yaya-chan

List these rules on your blog.

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1Q - 7 facts about myself

1. i love cats

2. love my family, best friend and my teddy

3. Korean and japan lover

4. nature lover

5. can be a good listener

6. hate backstabber, hypocrite who talk shit about me behind my back, ego kind of people and betrayers.. (everybody does)..

7. romantic.. maybe..

2Q- 7 unspectacular quirks on me

1. once people break my trust they will never see the real me anymore

2. i'm afraid of roaches..huhu..

3. i'm game maniac and kamen rider...huhuhu

4. learn something about trust nowadays

5. my first priority is my family

6. i like to cook but i can't.. really?? (apeeee nih!!)

7. learn to be more independent nowadays and don't give a damn care in some part that i always concern about..

Tagged 7 people.

people in my list friends who want to do it lorr...
heheh...dayah-chan gilakk tagged

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