Sunday, March 22, 2009

Tagged! yaya-chan

Do you think you're hot?

i'm hot right now because of the

Upload a favorite picture of you:

Give three reason why you like that picture:

because i buy that tudung at terengganu, nervous because waiting our turn for presentation-->the pic taken because to reduces my nerves, and i'm so hungry at that time.

When was the last time you eat pizza?

don't remember, there's been a long time though

The last song you listen?

taylor swift - love story

What are you doing right now besides this?

update my blog

What name you prefer besides yours?

i love my name because its unique..doesn't bother for other name..

People to tag:

1) shazreen hafizee..

2) ayul

3) kak mar

4) chah

5) arie

Who is number one?

my friend in matrics..gud luck in your can do it lorr..

Number three is having relationship with?

yap..she taken..

Say something about number five?

my roomates and classmates.. a part of a.c.h.a.p.a.n

Who is number two?

my friend and a good bro

What do u think about number four?

chah is beautiful in her own way..unique and lovely person..she a part of a.c.h.a.p.a.n too



macam mane nak main tagged2 nih..ko tagged aku n aku tagged ko balik boleh ke......

Lady Yaya said...

prasan poon kne tagged..

hamdya said...

to shazreen hafizee
ko x bley tagged ak blk coz ak da wat mende nih..ko tagged kwn2 ko yg lom wat..

hamdya said...

yaya...ahahha...igt ske2 tgk blog kamu jap ag kne tagged da..