Saturday, April 18, 2009

another 1 week

will be home's heaven
can't wait for that moment

but for now.. so sad because have to go back to ump which i heard don't have any water..
huhu...and also scared for my finals... wish me luck...

hope for having a flying colours result..
umpians especially FIST.. good luck for final and hoping all of us can get flying colours with rainbows result..


~snowhow~ said...

good luck amdya~

mohd fauzan said...

gud lux 4 i sy n myself
ko npe xblk?
xmrsai pndritaan ktorg

ファラ said...

gud luck!

haziq said...

tah kau..
rugi woooo...
x mrase x de air..
bru r thrill..
nk buang air pon pkir 12.67 kali..
eh, cam kenal tlisan jepon ni..
fara ke bukn??