Friday, July 10, 2009

pretty boy

2NE1 song just cut some of da lyrics

hey pretty boy, you're lacking something
you don't have any charm, you just pretty
hey pretty boy, put some effort into it
more like man, more personality
change yourself

confidence is good, you're fair
but you're weak spots are embarrassing
please show me some strong charms
I like bad boys, soldier type

its ok if you're not too tall like napoleon
like bad boys who'll take over the world
don't hide like a coward
that's right the one i need is a black night

p/s : ske gler part nih...walaupon kekadang ske tgk laki cam jambu2 tp still 'men are men' so gotta be a real men.
by da way 2NE1 rocks...luv that group so much...u go girls...


haziq said...

bnyi nye cam aku je..
men are men kn??
cam aku kn??

hamdya said...

ko ker men tuh...ahaha...hmmm...boley have to be men....kan2....sometimes ko nih gilakk gak r...ahahahha.....
giler r...windu r nk men game facebook...adoiii...mengong tol ump nih x ley bkk facebook....adoiyaiii...