Tuesday, January 19, 2010

mika mika

ape nih...
sebenarnyer i'm so not feelin that well...so pening2...but can't sleep...adoiyaii...what happen r...
but just nak share la what i wrote satu mlm tuh...which tbe2 got the idea utk tulis...i just grab my pen and write and after that i go to sleep...just a weird nite...ahhaha...just a simple thought la...

life is an experiment,
experiment in chossing life path,
sometimes our choice give us a positive consequences but sometime it came up in other way round which is a negative consequences,
perhaps it is tough and unexpected,
but stil it suppose to be what it is suppose to be,
just be thankful for what you have right now,
cherish your life from the sadness to the happiness,
the hardship that we been through in the tough time will be a guide for us
to achieve a better tommorow.

1 comment:

haziq said...

ckap2 pasl experimnt..
esok ade exprimnt plak.. hoho..